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What is Map360?

Leica Map360 is a Public Safety software solution that helps investigators digitize, analyze, and present the facts. Visually communicate the critical details of a scene with diagrams, pre-incident plans, incident reconstructions and other courtroom exhibits.


Map360 process
Data into Diagram

Turn your data into a diagram with ease by using data collection software such as Evidence Recorder or Leica Captivate.


Validate and Analyze

Import your data into Map360 and use the built-in tools to examine the data and evidence collected at the scene.


Court Ready Documents

Have professional court-ready documents in minutes with world-leading IMS Software


Compelling Diagrams

Interactive templates allow you to customize your diagram with various views to highlight critical areas of the scene. Export your diagram as a PDF with layer support allowing layers to be turned on and off in the deliverable.


Evidence Integrity

Ensure data collection integrity and the accuracy of your hardware by producing an Evidence Log or Measurement Log and creating a QA report.


Blood Stain Pattern Analysis

Analyze impact patterns to define the area of origin, and produce a 2D or 3D visualization of the crime scene. 


Crash Reconstruction

Determine the approach and departure angles of the vehicles involved in a collision or calculate the crush energy and EBS from crush measurements.

Evidence Reporting

Create a simple report to easily and effectively communicate the scene and critical evidence with embedded attachments.


Data Fusion

Eliminate human error from data placement. Integrate georeferenced data from various sources into one drawing providing valuable information from the scene, without decimation. 


Bullet Trajectory Analysis

Accurately reconstruct bullet trajectories from measured or scanned trajectory rods providing investigators critical measurements.


CAD Engine

Map360 has intuitive workflows and tools specific for Public Safety while maintaining a solid CAD foundation. DWG is a universal file format supported by various software platforms.