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Leica DST 360 Adapter for BLK3D with TRI 120 and Rugged Case

Product Highlights

Transform your BLK3D into a professional measurement station.
The DST 360 is an intelligent adapter that transforms your BLK3D into a real measurement station, allowing you to accurately measure distances between any two points—what we call Point to Point measurement—from one position.

Designed for Point-to-Point (P2P) measurements.
When you use a BLK3D with the DST 360, you will accurately measure distances between any two points from any position.

Precise aiming.
The DST 360 is an active support with integrated P2P technology. Its metal design and mechanics allow for precise adjustment and aiming for longer distances.

GST Included

In The Box

  • Leica DST 360 adapter for BLK3D (not compatible with DISTO X3 and X4)
  • Tripod Leica TRI 120
  • Rugged case (IP67 rated)

Article Number: 864980

P2P measurements with DST 360
   Type    Value
Working range vertical sensor -64° to >90°
Accuracy vertical sensor up to ±0.1°
Working range horizontal sensor 360°
Accuracy horizontal sensor up to ±0.1°
Tolerance P2P function at distances approximately
(combination of sensors and distance measuring)
±2 mm at 2 m
±5 mm at 5 m
±10 mm at 10 m
Leveling range ±5.0°