A man has placed the Leica DISTO D5 laser measure on the edge with the end piece folded out, measures the distance, and transfers it to the DISTO Plan app

Possibilities of Digital Data Documentation

Digital documentation of the data captured with the laser measure has clear advantages, because typing and reading errors are prevented and time can be saved, as the data does not have to be retyped later in the office. Depending on the application and preferences, different methods are available.

Leica DISTO D5 laser measure with measurement results in the display. The same measurement results appear in the table on the smart phone

Transfer Measured Values Directly

With the keyboard mode of the Leica DISTO X3, D5 and X6 measured values can be transferred directly e.g. into a predefined Excel spreadsheet. The Leica DISTO sends the measured values to the currently selected cell. The keyboard mode of the laser measuring tool can also be used with other applications, including web forms.


Transfer Measured Values with Leica DISTO transfer

If your Leica DISTO laser measure does not yet have a keyboard mode, you can still transfer the measured values to any Windows computer application by installing the free Leica DISTO transfer software.


A man measures a window niche with the Leica DISTO D2 laser measure and transfers the result to a tablet
Screen shows 3D data of a staircase and a raised surface as well as the data captured with the Leica DISTO laser measure

Leica DISTO transfer
Plugin for AutoCAD® and BricsCAD®

The free software Leica DISTO transfer offers even more, namely a plug-in for AutoCAD® and BricsCAD®. With this, measurement data, if desired even with an image of the targeted point, can be transferred directly to the CAD software and displayed as a drawing.


Leica DISTO Plan App
Visualise Measured Values

The Leica DISTO Plan App offers a wide range of functions to record and graphically display measurement results, e.g. with "Sketch Plan" or "Sketch on Photo". This way you always keep track of the measurement results and ensure that no measurement is forgotten.


DISTO Plan App