BLK360: imaging laser scanner

Introducing the Leica BLK360

A portable laser reality capture solution that generates a full 3D representation of any space in just minutes. By combining 3D point cloud technology with panoramic photography, the BLK360 creates a full 3D representation with precision measurements, full color rendering, and even thermal imaging.

BLK360 and Scan

How it Works:

  • The BLK360 uses LIDAR technology to determine distances by measuring the time it takes for light that is projected outwards to bounce back to the BLK360.
  • The BLK360 captures up to 360,000 individual measurements every second as it rotates 360 degrees over the course of 3 minutes.
  • View the resulting point cloud on your iPad or transfer to your desktop, so you can revisit your worksite in 3D any time without having to leave the office.
  • You can even open your point clouds directly in your design software of choice, including Revit, AutoCAD and Navisworks, and start designing within the existing site.

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The BLK360 has revolutionized the way we capture environments. Now that we can capture billions of accurate 3D points on location, LiDAR has become the cornerstone of our reality capture pipeline.

-Andrew Cochrane, Interactive Content Creator at The AV Club Productions, Inc. 

Leica BLK360 Awards

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