Leica BLK360 Starter

BLK360 Permanent Starter Package

BLK360+Cyclone REGISTER 360 Permanent+ 1 year CCP.
The Fastest Way to Register

Easy QA/QC tools, rapid visualization and the only professional registration report on the market. Customize with additional products as needed. 

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Leica BLK360 Permanent Starter Package

Kick start your digital reality workflows with the BLK360 and Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360. Designed with speed, scale and simplicity in mind, this imaging scanner and registration software pairing is the perfect starter pack for a new user or supplement to the established user’s arsenal of tools. Get the job done right the first time with the Leica Geosystems next generation registration solution.

BLK360 imaging scanner

The BLK360 delivers one-button scanning in a simple and elegant package of uncompromising quality. New features such as thermal imaging bring a whole new dimension to your data while the miniaturized package allows you to bring the power of scanning to projects you never thought possible. 

BLK360 Subscription

The newly introduced TruSlicer tool in Cyclone REGISTER 360 allows you to QA your registration visually and quickly spot areas that are mis-aligned with just a few clicks. Use TruSlicer in a plan view or elevation view to check both horizontal and vertical alignment.


Cyclone REGISTER 360

With a simple interface, Cyclone REGISTER 360 allows the user to import, register and publish their data with just a few clicks. Guided workflows usher users through the registration process and take the headache out of large and small projects. Push your project to Cyclone REGISTER to take advantage of other advanced tools or to JetStream Enterprise, TruView Enterprise and more with a single click to continue work downstream.

Speed from Field to Finished

Direct import of BLK360 data into Cyclone REGISTER 360 via the BLK360’s built in WiFi, along with new auto-registration algorithms, bring new efficiency to the registration process so you can finish projects quicker.  

Scale for Projects Large and Small

Cyclone REGISTER 360 handles even the most challenging of projects with ease and takes the headache out complex workflows. New users can execute large projects, scaling to your needs, thanks to the simple-yet-powerful interface. 

Simplicity from End-to-End

One-button scanning with the BLK360 and one-button import and register in Cyclone REGISTER 360 make the process easier than ever before. Now batch export to Leica Geosystems’ universal digital reality file, the LGS file, with a single click for universal data access in TruView, JetStream and CloudWorx.

The Leica BLK360 Permanent Starter Package includes:
  • Leica BLK360
  • Cyclone REGISTER 360
  • Cyclone REGISTER 360 Customer Care Package (CCP) 1 year subscription
  • Autodesk ReCap Pro 1 year subscription
Cyclone REGISTER 360
Registration Report

Site Redevelopment Project
Oct 18, 2017

Certified by:
John Smith
Project Lead
Leica Geosystems

Ellis Report

Overall Quality
Error Results for Bundle 1

Setup Count:   188
Link Count:   197

Strength:   69%
Overlap:   27%

   Bundle Error 0.015  
Overlap 27% Strength 69%
Cloud-to-Cloud 0.015 m Target Error --

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 introduces a new professional Registration Report which provides a visual and tabular summary of the project including user selected graphics and quality data for all objects. The Registration Report can be fully customized including the user's company and professional information and logo. The Registration Report is a perfect supplement to your portfolio of deliverables. 

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 – Drag, Drop, Done

Load and process scans from most terrestrial sensors in one simple step, delivering higher productivity. Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 uses a clean, modern interface to guide users through the process of creating an accurate registration of their laser scan data.