BLK3D: Real time, in-picture 3D Measurement

Progressive Project Documentation for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

  • Real time, in-field 3D data capture for general contractors and project managers.
  • Site inspection and validation documentation for infrastructure projects.
  • RFI / change order documentation for architects and general contractors.
    BLK3D interface

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The BLK3D:

  • Is an unmatched combination of a calibrated stereo camera, advanced algorithms, real time edge computing (no cloud connection needed) delivered in an Android-powered device the size of a smartphone.
  • Captures 2D images embedded with 3D data that instantly puts accurate measurements at your finger tips on the touchscreen.
  • Comes with desktop software you can use back in the office to take measurements using images that were captured in the field.
  • Can export images with annotated measurements in PDF or JPG format to share with anyone who needs them.
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