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BLK360 for Hollywood? Matt Workman and Cinematography Database

By lindsay.walker

Redsky Youtube

Cinematographer Makes Case for BLK360’s Hollywood Moment

Engineers and architects the world over use the Leica BLK360 for its portability and versatility. Its ability to scan and color real environments to scale has proven invaluable for both new builds and restorations. But can the device take on the movie business?

Popular YouTuber and trained cinematographer Matt Workman believes so. Workman spent 10 years making music videos for major artists like Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, and Diddy before becoming a 3D artist and founding Cinematography Database, an online resource for all things cinematography. He also creates videos that introduce viewers to the best technology, tools and workflows in the film industry. Today, his YouTube channel has over 200,000 followers.

One of Workman’s most recent videos is titled, “Leica BLK360 | Is it for the Film Industry?” In it, he explains the device, demonstrates how to operate it and ultimately concludes that, yes, the BLK360 could make a major impact in the movie industry. The device’s unique point cloud, which scans real-world environments to scale and also gives the user accurate lighting and color information, can be an incredibly powerful tool for pre-production. With a few clicks, Workman demonstrates that the BLK360’s data can help him 3D-model shots, sets, lighting, and props. As a result, production teams can save valuable time and avoid costly mistakes before showing up to shoot.

In another video, Workman uses the BLK360 to scan a blank movie studio. From the resulting data, he can build both lighting grids and sample shots within the empty set. He discusses how the device’s portability is ideal for this type of work, especially if planning to shoot at a difficult location. By bringing along the BLK360, a cinematographer could scan any area and then return home to construct their shots. The crew could be confident the shots are being built correctly, even remotely, due to the accuracy of the BLK360’s data.

To check out more of Workman’s reviews and work, visit his Cinematography Database channel.


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