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The BLK360: What’s Next?

By lindsay.walker

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First, thank you for the enthusiastic response to the announcement of the BLK360 and ReCap 360 Pro.

The BLK360 and Recap 360 Pro engineers have been hard at work since the announcement at Autodesk University, preparing the bundle for shipment. But that’s not all we’ve been up to…

The BLK360 was an honoree in the Digital Imaging category at CES in Las Vegas this year, where it was covered by outlets like the San Diego Tribune and Wired.

The  BLK360 is also a finalist for a Prism Award in Photonics Innovation in the Metrology category from SPIE, the society of photonics engineers.

If you want to be among the first to own the BLK360, we have a limited supply left of the first shipment for you to reserve.  Claim yours before we’re all sold out, AND get 50% off of Recap 360 Pro.

Reserve Your BLK360

Along with the excitement we’ve seen interesting questions. Trending topics include:

Where is the spec sheet?

Check out the first round of BLK360 specs here.

When will sample data be available?
Likely in late March.

What is the outdoor performance like?

The BLK360's outdoor performance will be comparable to any 60m scanner and as with any scanner, ambient conditions will have an impact on performance.

What do the workflows look like?

The BLK360 is connected via wifi to ReCap 360 Pro running on iPad Pro so you can scan and register data on site.

We’ll begin displaying workflows around the same time that we release a data set. Which is likely some time in February. 

Can the BLK360 be used to create VR content?

Certainly. We’re confident that 3D data will have a huge impact in the VR space for visualizing design concepts, gaming applications, and more.

The Autodesk and Leica product teams are hard at work doing all the things that product teams need to do before launch. As we finalize specs for the hardware, software, and workflow processes, we’ll keep you updated right here on the blog.

We plan to publish a new post every couple of weeks. Please subscribe below if you would like us to keep you in the loop as details become available.

John Rowles is Leica Geosystem’s eCommerce Manager for the BLK360, which will be sold exclusively on this Web site.


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