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Introducing the Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 app for BLK360



The Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 app for the iPad Pro is a new, streamlined way to produce on-site point cloud registrations with the BLK360. It was previously available only for the Leica RTC360, but now the BLK360 has joined the family of laser scanners that work with the Cyclone FIELD 360 app to make your reality capture smoother, simpler, and more efficient. Set the settings and start a scan. Once each scan finishes, you will be able to view it in 3D within seconds and register it to your other scans on your iPad. And when you’re done for the day, you’ll be able to import your fully registered point cloud to Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 on your computer. 


When scanning with the BLK360, you often will scan everything before importing data to REGISTER 360 on your computer to register your scans together. This can be a lengthy process depending on the size of your project, and it also means that, while your BLK360 is scanning on site, you’ll have to wait for each scan to finish before moving on to the next one. You could be using that time to do something productive. 

Fortunately, Cyclone FIELD 360 allows you to register your scans together as they are completed, one-by-one. Within seconds after completing a scan, you can register that scan to your project and verify that all scans are correctly registered together. You can immediately make any adjustments needed to ensure that you have an accurate registration. And once you’re ready to import these scans to REGISTER 360, it will maintain the same registration that you completed in the field, meaning that you won’t have to do any further registration or adjustments on your computer. 


Cyclone FIELD 360 lets you view your scans—both point cloud data and imagery—immediately once they are transferred to your iPad. You won’t need to wait until you get back to the office to do a point cloud flythrough—instead, take a 3D look while your BLK360 is completing the next scan. This essential feature is exclusive to Cyclone FIELD 360 and it allows you to get more work done on-site. 


Because not all information can be captured via laser scanning, most professionals still have to take field notes when taking measurements and capturing spaces. The Cyclone FIELD 360 app makes taking field notes even easier. In the app, you can add tags anywhere in your scans, including images, videos, files, audio, or text. Touch any location in a scan and you can import any kind of information, no matter what you may need, to accompany that point in the scan. Once you import your project to REGISTER 360, you’ll have access to all these tags and notes. 


The Cyclone FIELD 360 app offers options for the BLK360 that were previously inaccessible. For example, if you only need point cloud data without imagery, you can turn off the cameras on the BLK360 for fast, laser-only scanning. You can see exactly how long a scan will take, depending on the different scan and image settings. You can adjust the thermal camera settings depending on what you are trying to capture. And you can even correct tilted scans.  

Cyclone FIELD 360 app now available on App Store. 


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