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Leica DISTO D2 Manuals & Documents

By bwauters

Leica DISTO D2 User Manuals

Leica DISTO D2 User Manual (English PDF)
Leica DISTO D2 User Manual (PDF En Español)
Leica DISTO D2 CE Conformity Declaration
Leica DISTO D2 Recycling Passport
Leica DISTO D2 Brochure (English)
Leica DISTO D2 & E7100i Brochure (English)
Leica DISTO D2 & E7100i Brochure (Español)



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Melanie (not verified) Sat, 12/14/2019 Permalink

Is it possible to change the units of measure so they read up to 1/16th rather than 1/32nd? I don't need it to measure that precise and can't seem to find out how to change it.

Tim Donovan (not verified) Mon, 04/20/2020 Permalink

I only want 1/16"s not 32nd"s how do I change this on my D2?

lindsay.walker Fri, 09/04/2020

In reply to by Tim Donovan (not verified)


Hi Tim, The Disto D1, D2, and E7100i automatically round to the nearest 1/32, 1/16, or 1/8 inch. To have measurements rounded to 1/16 every time you will want to get the X3, X4, E7500i, D810, or S910.

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