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Owner's FAQ DISTO A6

By bwauters

Leica Disto A6 Bluetooth

This is infrequently used content, but to expand accessibility to a wider audience we are using a machine for translation. Please excuse any unanticipated translation errors. -Thank you, Leica Geosystems.

All about the DISTO A6 and its software DISTO transfer

Which system requirements does my PC need to work with DISTO  transfer?
Generally the DISTO  transfer works on all desktops, laptops, tablet PCs and UMPCs equipped with Microsoft Windows SE, ME, XP or Vista. Of course the computer must have a Bluetooth interface or you have to install a Bluetooth stick. Using an external Bluetooth stick the computer must fullfill the requirements of the Bluetooth stick.

Which system requirements does my PDA need to work with DISTO transfer?
The DISTO transfer works on PDAs with Bluetooth interface as long it has Windows Mobile 2003 SE respectively 2005 or Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6.0 installed. Very good experience we have with PDA devices from HP.Of course to install DISTO transfer on a PDA a PC is required. On this PC Microsoft ActiveSync needs to be installed in order to download DISTO transfer to the PDA.

Does DISTO transfer support the use of Apple Mac computers?
No it doesn't. To use your Leica DISTO with an Apple Mac you need to buy a software from a third party developer.

Does DISTO transfer support the use of Palm pocket PC?
No it doesn't. To use your Leica DISTO with a Palm you need to buy a software from a third party developer.

Does DISTO  transfer support the use of mobile phone like Blackberry or Smartphone with Windows Mobile 6.0?
DISTO transfer does not work on mobile phones except of Smartphones with Windows Mobile 6.0. Please note that these Smartphone only have a reduced version of Excel which limits the comfort for use with the Leica DISTO. Another limiting factor is the T9 predictive text technology.

What is DISTO transfer and how does this work?
DISTO transfer is a program which once started is running in the background. Data which are send from a Leica DISTO device are collected by the transfer software and this simulates a keyboard entry to the active window. So the value will transferred in any application window that is active in the position of the cursor. This very versatile procedure that you can use your Leica DISTO with almost every Windows application. You only need to select the format you want to receive the data (with units, enter (in Excel the cursor jumps to the cell below), tabulator (in Excel the cursor jumps to the cell to the right)).

Which limitations does the Bluetooth technology have for the use with Leica DISTO?
Bluetooth is a standard for wireless transfer of data. The Leica DISTO is working with Bluetooth class 2 which allows to transfer data to a computer in a range of 0,3 and 10m (so do not put the Leica DISTO on your computer because the connection might drop off). The maximum range will not be achieved if you want to transfer data e.g. through walls. You also have to take care that the connection remains between the measurements. If the connection drops and you are coming back into the specified range the connection will be build up again after a few seconds. If you are transfering data when the units are not connected you will receive a error message. In this case wait for the reconnection and send the data again. Generally problems with connectivity can occur when you are working with many WIFI devices working at the same time (e.g. Hotel lobbies, meeting or seminar rooms, ...)

Does my software for the Leica DISTO plus also work with a Leica DISTO A6?
DISTO transfer works with both instruments. The plusDraw and plusXL software only worked with the DISTO plus. When you are using any software of a third party developer with your DISTO plus and you are switching to the DISTO A6 it may happen that it will not work properly. in this case please ask your software supplier for an update.

Can I use the DISTO transfer program together with more than one Leica DISTO?
Yes you can. You have to start the Bluetooth setup with all instruments switched on (Bluetooth also on). All DISTOs will be displayed with the corresponding com-port it will be connected to. You have now to start DISTO transfer multiple times and each transfer will connect to a different DISTO. please note that from all transfer programs the data will be transferred in the active window.

I have installed the DISTO transfer software on my computer but it is not working properly. So the connection is not build up, data are not transferred even the devices are connected or I am getting error messages on my DISTO. What can I do?
DISTO transfer supports the Bluetooth driver (stack) of Broadcom (Widcomm) and Microsoft (coming as standard with your Windows operating system). Sometimes when you buy a computer you will receive it pre-installed from the manufacturer. There it can happen that a manufacturer is using a different Bluetooth driver from another software provider. It might happen that you will have problems with the connectivity of your devices.
In this case you will have to open the Control Panel and chose Add/Remove programs. If there is another driver than Widcomm or from Microsoft installed please select it and remove it from your computer. Make sure your Bluetooth is switched on and restart your computer. The Bluetooth module should be detected from the Windows and it will suggest to install the standard driver. Please click yes and follow the further instructions.



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