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P5 Gen 1

By ecaywood


The Leica Lino P5 projects five laser beams, which are exactly at right angles to one another. 

It is the perfect tool for 90˚ layouts and vertical point transfer.

The P5 self leveling pendulum lets you know your tool is out of level by disabling the laser dot. The dot appears once level. Lock the pendulum to set out angled points and to protect the mechanism when you aren't using it.

The lasers and pendulum are housed in a rugged, job site ready body. It is IP54 rated dust-proof and splash protected.

The P5 includes a versatile multi-function bracket with a magnetic wall mount and 360˚ swivel capability.

Documents & Downloads

User Manual Lino family (German)
User Manual Lino family (French)
User Manual Lino family (Italian)
User Manual Lino family (English)
Leica Lino P3 Recycling Passport
Leica Lino P3 CE Conformity Declaration


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