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The Leica ULTRA provides our most advanced precision utility tracing system. Intelligent signal processing has been integrated with unique flexible operating modes, to help save you time and increased confidence in your results. Selectable antenna and customized frequencies optimizes your instrument for site-specific applications.

Leica ULTRA Standard Locator

The ULTRA System features unique, flexible operating modes and a locating application that helps you adapt to site conditions.


Leica ULTRA Advanced Locator

The advanced system adds remote control to the transmitter, offset depth measurement, and an Interference Measurement System (AIM)

ULTRA Advanced Locator

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Underground utility networks are continually becoming more complex.

This complexity makes obtaining precise information on the location of buried utilities both more difficult and more crucial than ever.

The Standard ULTRA locating features a multitude of frequencies and selectable antenna locating modes.

The Advanced system builds on the Standard offering with wireless communication between the locator and transmitter to adjust frequencies and increase power. Offset depth measurement allows the locator to identify the target line when not directly accessible from above. The Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM) system analyzes the surrounding area for noise and recommends the best frequencies for accurate utility locating.

6 Leica ULTRA Leica ULTRA

ULTRA Advanced

ULTRA Standard

  Passive Modes

 Active Modes

  Frequency Range

50Hz - 200kHz

50Hz - 200kHz

  Max Stored Frequencies



  Line Direction Compass

  Proportional Guidance Arrow

  Offset Depth Measurement 


  Receiver / Transmitter Comms





6.300 CAD

4.700 CAD