3D geofence in a train tunnel entrance

BLK247 Security System Integration

Add true 3D surveillance to your security system with BLK247

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The BLK247 can be seamlessly integrated into existing Video Management Software (VMS) or Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) so you can form a custom solution for your security needs. Customize alerts, visual feedback, 3D geofencing, and more so that you can keep what you’re familiar with while adding greater security to your system.

BLK247 adds the power of 3D intruder detection in all lighting conditions to your VMS or PSIM.

Geofence outside of a commercial building at night

Using your VMS or PSIM, you can configure BLK247 alarm events to instantly trigger a video recording, text message, or email with an event photo to be sent to security personnel.

BLK247 sending alert to security system and mobile device

A single BLK247 can be configured to protect a space using the sensor’s onboard Control Center software. A VMS or PSIM is needed when deploying multiple BLK247 units to protect an area or to combine with other security sensors.

three BLK247 i5 units linked together

Compatible Systems

Accur8vision logo greyscale

Accur8vision by Tacticaware

  • Accur8vision is an expanded perimetric security system that guards the entire area of a patrolled space.  
  • Accur8vision sends an alert to the system if an intruder enters the area 

  • The operator will receive the exact location, size, speed, and trajectory of the intruder within the area. 

  • Tacticaware is a recent acquisition by Hexagon AB in order to combine the power of Accur8vision with the BLK247.

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DMI logo greyscale

Precision Reality™ by DMI

  • Precision Reality™ is an asset intelligence platform for Industry 4.0, connecting innovative data and visualization solutions to deliver actionable insights in real time.

  • Through a combination of software, hardware, and services leveraging the latest emerging technologies, Precision Reality™ collects data and analytics to visualize solutions and make decisions faster.

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Luxriot logo greyscale

Luxriot® Evo by Luxriot

  • Luxriot® Evo is a complete surveillance ecosystem solution for enterprises of any size, even those distributed across multiple sites. Offering the latest engineering advances, 64-bit architecture and all the necessary tools for setting up an absolute situational awareness system, Evo is designed to provide fast processing at any scale.

  • Centralized governance hierarchy of all components allows Evo users to securely manage any volume of data and respond quickly to events. Being open and supporting over 8000 3rd party cameras, recorders, sensors, and devices, Luxriot® Evo is always on top of the never-ending technology evolution.

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Senfi logo greyscale

Senfi by G Element

  • Senfi is a 3D smart building cloud service that unifies real-time data with 3D building models to deliver "live" digital twins for universal situation awareness.

  • Senfi integrates with a wide range of sensors, including building management sensors, smart 3D surveillance systems and service robots, to enable intelligent autonomous workflows within buildings.

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Beam Me Up Augmented Intelligence logo

BMU Augmented Intelligence

  • Beam Me Up is a scientific hub whose team is dedicated to enhancing human experiences, safety, and business performance through advances in AI, VR and AR technologies. 

  • Our expertise is biometric measurements coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Biofeedback. 

  • We offer ready-to-deploy integrated multi-sensorial analytic platforms for an ever-growing number of intelligent assistant solution modules, including those for the Defense and Security sectors. 

  • Our products are designed to ready our customers for the Human-Machine Era.

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Ganz Cortrol logo


  • The integration of Ganz CORTROL VMS with the Leica Geosystems BLK247 delivers enterprise-level video surveillance solutions ideal for various applications, including public safety, mining, energy infrastructure, and transportation.

  • CORTROL works seamlessly with the BLK247, continually monitoring in 3D in any lighting environment, including complete darkness. In addition, the revolutionary combination of LiDAR, fisheye video, thermal imagery, and AI algorithms on the edge taking video surveillance to the next level.

  • CORTROL is ideal for managing Leica Geosystems BLK247 dual fisheye camera's live streams, real-time video dewarp of panorama or arbitrary zones, and edge-based analytics.

  • CORTROL incorporates next-generation metadata communication, dynamic rules engine flexibility, and advanced motion detection, including object detection and classification. Our combined solution marks a new era in the advancement of security technologies.

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Connect your security software with BLK247

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