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Unlimited points, all the time.

Leica JetStream Enterprise enables ultra-high-speed rendering of all your points all the time to let you work with even your largest point cloud data sets seamlessly within your preferred CAD system.

JetStream Enterprise is now compatible with Leica Geosystems universal digital reality file, the LGS file to centralize your project data storage and delivery downstream to CloudWorx or JetStream Viewer.

Easy access to your point cloud data, in combination with the productivity-enhancing features of our suite of Leica CloudWorx plugins, lets you stay within the familiar interface and project ecosystem of your favorite CAD platforms to reduce the learning curve and headaches of working with point cloud data.


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JetStream Enterprise
JetStream Enterprise

Leica Geosystems' exclusive JetStream Technology enables ultra-high-speed rendering of your point cloud data to instantly open and display an unlimited number of points all the time as you navigate your data set. By eliminating frustrating rendering lag times between zooms, pans and clips, Leica JetStream helps to remove confusion and improves the user's comprehension and productivity while drafting and modeling.


Leica JetStream Enterprise has been designed with big data users in mind. JetStream Enterprise overcomes the biggest productivity challenges in using point clouds inside of CAD systems: the ever-increasing size of point cloud data. With file sizes 5x to 10x smaller than traditional formats, JetStream Enterprise lowers your storage costs.


Leica JetStream Enterprise's streamlined project management insulates users from the need for detailed point cloud expertise by allowing them to work directly within their preferred CAD systems through intuitive Leica CloudWorx plugins. Centralized data storage and access streamlines a team-work approach by removing wasteful and error prone duplication, simplifying back-up workflows and bringing efficiency to data management to save you time and money.


JetStream Enterprise is compatible with the following CloudWorx and Viewer products:

  • Leica CloudWorx for AutoCAD
  • Leica CloudWorx for Revit
  • Leica CloudWorx for Navisworks
  • Leica CloudWorx for MicroStation
  • Leica CloudWorx for PDMS
  • Leica CloudWorx Basic for 3DReshaper
  • CloudWorx for Smart 3D
  • CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review
  • CloudWorx for BricsCAD
  • CloudWorx for SOLIDWORKS
  • JetStream Viewer
Leica JetStream Enterprise Includes:
  • 1 year subscription to JetStream Enterprise

  • * In order to push data from Cyclone to JetStream Enterprise, a Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER license is required

  • * In order to access data within JetStream Enterprise, a JetStream Connector is required per CloudWorx seat.

Learn more about JetStream Enterprise at leica-geosystems.com