Point to Point (P2P) function of the DISTO S910

Explore how Mr. Laursen uses the S910 for Roof Measurement

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It takes no time to make measurement, and it is so precise that I have much less material waste” says carpenter Jacob Laursen, who during spring, replaced his old folding rule with a laser distancemeter by Leica Geosystems.


Effortless as-build and highly precise measurements achieved with the P2P and smart area functionality of the Leica DISTO S910 in combination with the Leica FTA 360-S adapter and TRI 70 tripod.

Laursen, owner of Knudstrup Carpentry and Fitting , has recently started working on an extension to a house just outside  Kalundborg and his work must proceed quickly, taking advantage of good weather, in order to finish the project before autumn sets. ----It’s not quite the end for the folding rule, of course-

It’s still used while working, but that’s not why he invited us to join him during his break.

In spring he bought Leica DISTO S910 Laser Distancemeter, which he is thrilled about as it saves him both time and money and reduces his material waste.

“It’s always been a bit of a nightmare having to measure a roof full of dormers, ridges, and hips. You have to measure toward the bottom, counting the tiles up and down, so you always have to buy a little extra just to be sure you have enough, often ending up with extra material and wasted profit. Using Leica DISTO S910, I just measure the area of a large section of roof up to the dormers. It takes no more than half an hour and then it’s easy to make an offer right away” he says.

Roof measurement with DISTO S910

Fast and efficient estimates in any condition, indoor and outdoor

Of course this is an assertion which must be proved, so he pulls out his laser distance meter, mounts it on the Leica TRI70 tripod with FTA360-S adapter and points it towards the fascia board, to make his first measurement.

On the screen, he can zoom in on the fascia board, so the laser dot can be precisely positioned on the desired point at one end of the board. Then, he measures the next point at the opposite end, obtaining a P2P result of 5,437 meters. The whole operation takes less than two minutes including setup, and Leica DISTO S910 can measure at a range of up to 300m. Finally, the result  shown on the screen can be saved as a screenshot for documentation purposes.

“So, having all the proper information, I can quickly provide the customer with an offer, without having to struggle with the ladder and more other hassles. At the same time, I know exactly how many square metres I need to buy, not more not less” says Jacob Laursen, adding that “less material waste means a lot of savings, especially when you are dealing with chimney claddings and zinc roofs”.
“And Leica DISTO S910 is just as good inside. Now there’s no need to move my customer’s belonging to measure. I just set it on its tripod and mark the points needed with a laser, so I instantly have bath floors, ceiling and wall areas, and I can even check how many meters of skirtings I need.”

It’ also very easy to use. It took him less than ten minutes to familiarize with the various functions. With Leica DISTO S910, his data can be exported, so he can continue working on various CAD programs, a step he hasn’t taken yet.

But it will happen soon. So far I am glad that Leica DISTO S910 has made my job much easier and faster because I hate spending a lot of time making offers that may still not come to anything.

I hate spending  a lot of time making offers that may still not come to anything. I'm gone beyond that now, because with the Leica DISTO S910, it takes no time to get measured up, tells Jacob Laursen.

Enough with ladders and folding rules! with Leica S910 laser distance meter on its tripod, Jacob Laursen can simply stand on the ground and target the laser to each point at the end of the fascia board to measure precise distances between points

It’s easy to operate and it’s very accurate.

Roof Measurement with DISTO S910

S910 Laursen Summary

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