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FSS Window Pro™ app

The FSS Window Pro™ app offers unparalleled benefits, including seamless integration with a laser device (Leica DISTO X3), efficient client data organization, enhanced visual support, web-based access for error-free data entry, a comprehensive dimension guide, customizable input screens, company profiles for team collaboration, and dramatic time savings. In addition, we provide continuous data access, allowing you to maintain a central record for each client, easily adding rooms, windows, or updating product information as needed.


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FSS Window Pro™ app

Discover the unparalleled benefits of the FSS Window Pro™ app, designed to revolutionize your window treatment business and elevate your customer experience. Here's what our app brings to the table:

  1. Seamless integration with the laser device (Leica DISTO X3): Say goodbye to manual data entry, as dimensions are automatically transferred from the laser device to the app.
  2. Efficient client data organization: Easily organize clients by room and individual window, with a pre-populated list of room names to speed up the data entry process.
  3. Enhanced visual support: Attach photos and unique notes to each window, and utilize your phone's voice-to-text feature to input notes effortlessly.
  4. Web-based access: Access all client and job data through our website, allowing you to view dimensions, notes, and pictures alongside your ordering screen for error-free data entry.
  5. Comprehensive dimension guide: Our proven list of key window dimensions helps new users gain confidence and ensures experienced users don't overlook crucial measurements.
  6. Company profiles for team collaboration: Share client data among team members to streamline quotes, customer support, and warranty handling.
  7. Customizable input screens: Choose from four different input screens to find the most comfortable and efficient interface for your unique preferences.
  8. Dramatic time savings: Experience a 360% increase in average processing time, as demonstrated in our time studies comparing manual tape measure and notepad methods.
  9. Continuous data access: Maintain a central record for each client, easily adding rooms, windows, or updating product information as needed. Access this data for the duration of your app subscription.

The FSS Window Pro™ app is designed to cater to the unique needs of the window treatment industry, boosting productivity, accuracy, and collaboration. Embrace the future of window treatment measurement and data management with our state-of-the-art app, and transform your business today.

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