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L2 Gen 1

By ecaywood


The Leica L2 is a cross line laser level with a dual fan angle of 120˚. 

The L2 is the perfect cross line laser for putting the finishing touches on any home. 

It is light, simple to use, and is the most accurate line laser in its class.

Use the horizontal and vertical lines together to produce a perfect 90˚ cross line, or toggle between vertical only and horizontal only mode depending on the application.

The L2 self leveling pendulum lets you know your line is out of level by blinking. Once level, the line goes solid. Lock the pendulum to set out angled lines and to protect the mechanism when you aren't using it.

The lasers and pendulum are housed in a rugged, job site ready body. It is IP54 rated dust-proof and splash protected.

Documents and Downloads

User Manual Lino family (English)
User Manual Lino family (En Español)
Leica Lino L2 CE conformity declaration
Leica Lino L2 recycling passport