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Leice Zeno FLX100 GPS Rover

Leica Zeno FLX100

Accuracy is addictive

Achieve up to 2cm accuracy with this easy to use, compact, and lightweight GPS rover.

When you name a GPS rover "FLX", it better be flexible. The FLX100 features:

  • Device Flexibility: The FLX100 connects wirelessly to any compatible Android or Windows tablet or smartphone and the optional adjustable tray connects your chosen device to to the FLX100 for easy operation.

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  • RTK Flexibility: As with any GPS rover, the FLX100 achieves its highest accuracy utilizing RTK and a trial subscription to our own SmartNet -- the biggest RTK network in North America -- is included, but the FLX100 can work with any RTK network.
  • Software Flexibility: The FLX100 comes with a trial subscription to Zeno Mobile.  You can use Esri ArcGIS Field Maps, or send coordinates to other apps using Zeno Connect.
  • Use Case Flexibility: The FLX100 can be paired with the DISTO S910 laser distance meter to take offset measurements, it can be paired with the DSX GPR to locate underground utilities, and it can be paired with vGIS to bring augmented reality to the field.



FLX100 Hardware Integrations

P2P DISTO Offset Measurements

Pair the FLX100 and a Leica DISTO S910 to capture remote points.

Add GPS Coordinates to GPR Data

Pair the FLX100 with onboard controller of the Leica DSX GPR to capture the coordinates of detected underground utilities.