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Starter Package

  • DS2000 Utility Detection System
  • CT1000 Controller w LTE
  • 2yr DS2000 Basic CCP
  • Unext Collection Software


Leica DS2000 Utility Detection Radar (GPR)

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DS2000 Quick Start Guide

An overview  of the DS2000 by Dan Bigman, GPR Professor and Trainer.


The Leica DS2000 is a professional grade GPR designed for operators who have the know-how to achieve the best results in a given soil type and who can interpret waveform data.

(If you lack a trained operator but would like to use GPR to look before you dig, check out the Leica DSX)

The Survey Package supports integrating the GPR data with a coordinate system via GNSS. The included Unext software exports to CAD and GIS formats.

The tough chassis, large wheels and unique center pivot make it easier to use the DS2000 on rough terrain.

The combination of thoughtful design and proven technical capabilities have made this unit (originally marketed by IDS as the Opera Duo) a favorite workhorse among GPR professionals.

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Ground Penetrating Radar Systems & Their Use – Leica DS2000

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Antenna footprint 40 x 50 cm
Hardware channels 2
Antenna central frequencies 250 MHz and 700 MHz
Antenna orientation Perpendicular, broadside
Sampling frequency 400 kHz


Acquisition speed More than 10 km/h
Scan rate per channel for 512 samples per scan 381 scans per second
Scan interval 42 scan per meter
Positioning 2 integrated encoders - GPS and/or TPS


Power consumption / supply

13.3 W / Rechargeable SLAB (Sealed Lead Acid Battery)
12 V DC, 12 Ah - Up to 10.8 hours operating time

Operating temperature range –10° C to +40° C
Weight 27 kg
Protection IP65

DS2000 Starter Package - Article number: 6011496
DS2000 Survey Package - Article number: 6011498