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Digital documentation with Leica BLK3D

Leica BLK3D Webinar for Construction professionals and Architects

In this webinar you´ll get all the information you need on how to save time and money by improving your measurement and documentation workflows.


Leica BLK3D

In summary, this is the webinar will cover:

  • Informed decisions on the spot – capture images from a remote and safe distance (no need to climb a ladder and use a tape measure) and immediately make in-picture 3D measurements on the device.
  • Photo documentation – modern construction projects require continuous validation and documentation of site conditions. Plans and drawings often do not reflect reality. Use the BLK3D to capture the ‘as-built’ conditions and avoid costly errors.
  • Accurate calculations – quoting and invoicing is one of the most important tasks on any construction project. Streamline it by using the accurate distance and area measurements available at your fingertips on the BLK3D.
  • BIM & Digital Construction – seamless integration with the world’s most popular BIM platform, Autodesk BIM 360. The BLK3D brings field conditions closer to the decision makers in the office through measurable imagery. Embed BLK3D images directly into digital plans via the BIM 360 platform and connect all the project stakeholders working remotely. Let them make smart decisions based on precise real-world data.

Meet our speakers

Renato Janavicius Romero
Commercial Sales Manager - Leica Geosystems

Ziga Rajster
Commercial Sales Manager - Leica Geosystems

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