Leica Lino L4P1 on a stand

A Perfectly Fitted Light Band, L4P1

By Dennis Prauss, owner of Elektro Prauss


A Perfectly Fitted Light Band Thanks to Leica Lino L4P1

Elektro Prauss logoElektro Prauss, registered in Markröningen, Germany, was founded in 1980. Today, the founder's son, Dennis Prauss, has taken over the business.

The latest project required highly levelled, electrical installations in a doctor’s surgery. In order to achieve the highest quality standards and truly levelled installations, Electro Prauss decided to make use of the Leica Lino L4P1 line laser for the first time.

Highly levelled lighting installations in a doctor’s surgery might not seem as important initially, yet, it is known that clean, structured and calming light installations directly influence a patient’s confidence in a doctor.

With regard to this particular project, a 9 meter long, and 5 meter wide light band, consisting of more than 10 separate parts had to be installed. One particular challenge of this installation was that the walls and ceilings were already finished. However, the light band still had to be installed to the highest quality standards, leaving no gaps between the different parts, to form a perfect circle.

In addition to this challenging installation, the Leica Lino laser was used to install power outlets in the entire office at the same height and at the correct angle to one another.  

Dennis Prauss mentioned that: "A very big benefit was upon completion. When I turned off the laser all the lines were gone, I had no pencil lines left."

Besides this, the Leica Lino is easy to use, simple to recharge and saves time on projects. Only two points need to be marked and laser lines are easily adjusted for all further installations.

Furthermore, Dennis Prauss mentioned that the emergency battery pack and the fine drive are his favourite features. These features allow for a continuous operation and ensure the most precise alignment of the laser lines.

His father had to work with a folding meter and marked lines which had to be drawn on walls. Working with the Leica Lino makes such installations much easier and more efficient.  

There are many situations where electricians can benefit from working with a line laser, from installing cable ducts, cable pipes, lamp switches up to complicated light installations. Mr. Prauss said that he is looking forward to all upcoming projects where he can use the Leica Lino L4P1.