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CloudWorx suite for all your favorite CAD systems

Leica CloudWorx Ultimate delivers your point cloud projects directly into all your favorite CAD . Access the power of CloudWorx for AutoCAD, MultiWorx for AutoCAD, CloudWorx for MicroStation, CloudWorx for Revit, CloudWorx for Navisworks, and CloudWorx for PDMS with a single, simple license to bring increased speed and efficiency to your multi-platform workflows.

CloudWorx for AutoCAD, Revit, Navisowrks and MultiWorx support Leica Geosystems universal digital reality file, the LGS file allowing you to harness the speed of JetStream plus all your project data—Layers, GeoTags and Clips included—with a single file.


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JetStream Enterprise
JetStream Enterprise

Bring increased speed and efficiency to your multi-CAD platform workflows and reach end deliverables faster. No longer waste time moving between file formats or worrying about the number of licenses for each of your CAD services. Easily work between CAD systems, producing drawings and models, performing design verification, or conducting design with the same digital reality content. Gain the benefit of higher point cloud performance when combined with Leica JetStream Enterprise.


Unlimited in every sense. Handle projects and point clouds of any size, across all supported CAD systems to create deliverables more simply and deliver projects more efficiently to clients and stakeholders. All with a single, ultimate license.


No special installation required. CloudWorx Ultimate works with all your existing CloudWorx plugins to allow you to work with large data sets from Leica Cyclone and Leica JetStream point cloud sources to eliminate tedious export/import transfers. Easily communicate your results globally with localized solutions.


A Leica CloudWorx Ultimate license will provide a user full access to the following CloudWorx plugins (but only one at a time):

  • Leica CloudWorx for AutoCAD
  • Leica CloudWorx for Revit
  • Leica CloudWorx for Navisworks
  • Leica CloudWorx for MicroStation
  • Leica CloudWorx for PDMS
CloudWorx Ultimate Includes:
  • 1 year subscription to CloudWorx Ultimate

* If you wish to bring JetStream data into CloudWorx you will require the JetStream suite of software.

* Publishing LGS files requires a Cyclone PUBLISHER Pro license.

Learn more about CloudWorx Ultimate at leica-geosystems.com