Autonomous Laser Scanning Module


BLK ARC is a versatile mobile scanning module for robots and other carriers. It can be integrated with robotic carriers to enable autonomous mobile laser scanning.


The BLK ARC mounts to different types of robots, using its sensors along with the robot's sensors to create fully autonomous and repeatable scan missions.

Capture 3D point clouds and panoramic imagery while your robot carries BLK ARC through an environment.


The Leica BLK ARC can be used anywhere, even without a robot. Master efficient mobile scanning with a solution that fits your project needs.


Here are some examples of the available integrations for the BLK ARC.

Our first robotic carrier was the Boston Dynamics Spot robot. Spot combined with BLK ARC delivers fully autonomous and repeatable scan missions.
ANYmal from ANYbotics is a robot that integrates with the Leica BLK ARC for autonomous reality capture. Using the BLK ARC, ANYmal creates detailed 3D models. The BLK ARC deeply integrates with the robot’s operating interface and generates a high precision digital twin instantly.


BLK ARC and ANYmal from ANYbotics create an autonomous way to inspect challenging environments



Summit XL from Robotnik is an advanced all-terrain wheeled robot that, combined with the BLK ARC, autonomously navigates difficult environments. Managed by remote control or operating on its own, the BLK ARC with Summit XL collects spatial data to map environments and create detailed 3D models.



BLK ARC combined with robotic carriers creates a fast, simple, safe, and autonomous laser scanning workflow.

Chart your scan path remotely using existing drawings or BIM models of your building, including large and complex spaces.

BLK ARC and your robot will complete the mission autonomously.

Once your mission is complete, your data is ready to use.

Optional add-on:

Seamless positioning for outdoor missions

Unlock carefree outdoor missions with easy touch-2-go navigation using a combination of GNSS and GrandSLAM technologies. Leica GA03 GNSS Smart Antenna is designed for robotics applications, with high performance in challenging environments. All this is integrated into our BLK ARC-UI for smooth operation.


Download BLK ARC Data

Want to see how real-world BLK ARC data holds up? Fill out the form to download BLK ARC datasets and see for yourself the benefits of an autonomous workflow with these fully colorized point clouds.


Reality Cloud Studio

powered by HxDR


Leica BLK autonomous sensors upload data directly to Reality Cloud Studio, Hexagon’s powerful cloud application for automated digital reality – including advanced yet easy-to-use features like auto-register and auto-mesh.

Upload scans of compatible file types to Reality Cloud Studio for data storage, stunning visualization, and up-to-the-minute collaboration.


Take the autonomous journey with us

Want to connect BLK ARC’s LiDAR and imaging capabilities to your robot or take your first step towards autonomous reality capture? Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you directly to discuss your needs.