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BLK3D Calibration Accessories Package

Product Highlights

Check the accuracy of your in-picture measurements.
Verify the accuracy of your BLK3D anytime and anywhere. The accuracy check only takes a minute and the procedure is completely guided by the BLK3D “Check & Adjust” function.

Calibrate your BLK3D anytime.
In case of a drop, the calibration of your BLK3D can be adjusted through a quick guided process using the onboard function “Check & Adjust”.

Easy set-up.
Everything you need to perform the user calibration is included in this package. Just place the BLK3D calibration plate on the wall and install the BLK3D on the tripod using the tripod adapter for better stability and precision. Aim the laser to the center of the calibration target. The process is fully guided.

VAT Excluded