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AutoCAD mobile app

Take the power of AutoCAD wherever you go.

The AutoCAD mobile app is a fully enabled 2D drawing and drafting tool that lets you create, edit, and share your DWG files wherever you go. AutoCAD mobile app bridges the gap between office and work site. Download the latest drawings while in the field. Make edits and add precise measurements with a Bluetooth enabled DISTO device and your updated drawing is automatically synced across devices.

AutoCAD mobile app is included free for all AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT subscribers. The free trial is available to everyone. See in-depth program features.


AutoCAD mobile

Download the AutoCAD mobile app

*This app only works with Android

Create, access and edit your drawings anywhere

Never be without access to your drawings. Accelerate your workflow by creating and editing your drawings while in the field instead of waiting until you get back to a work station. AutoCAD on mobile has a full set of features, including layers, blocks, and annotations. Draw quickly and accurately from anywhere.

Add precise measurements with DISTO

Creating accurate drawings is painless with a Bluetooth enabled DISTO device. Simply create a line in your drawing, take a measurement with a DISTO, and the length will update automatically. It’s the quickest way to cut your drafting time in half.

Eliminate communication issues

Keep all parties up to date by adding markup directly to the drawing. Since you can connect to cloud storage, you’ll be sure everyone has access to the most updated file. Make additional site visits unnecessary by incorporating the AutoCAD mobile app into your workflow.