Person looking at BLK247 Control Center software on a computer monitor


BLK247 Control Center is the system’s onboard software, which allows you to configure each BLK247 unit in your security system for your needs, or to operate a single BLK247 as a standalone security system.

Control your BLK247

BLK247 scanning vector icon

Set-up and configure your BLK247.

3D cube vector icon

Create custom 3D geofenced zones to monitor specific areas or objects.

3D cube vector icon

Configure threat-detection and alarm settings.

time and date vector icon

Schedule zone activations and time-based rules.

camera status vector icon

View live video feed and check camera status.

3d rectangle vector icon

Reconfigure 3D geofenced zones as needed.

magnifying glass vector icon

Manage device settings and threat-detection parameters.

firmware update vector icon

Update BLK247 firmware.

documentation vector icon

Access and share alarm event documentation

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