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BLK ARC on ANYmal robot, scanning a facility

ANYmal Robot and Leica BLK ARC Boost Cost Efficiency in W.R. Grace Chemical Plants

By Christopher Dollard


ANYmal by ANYbotics is an advanced four-legged robot that navigates through environments with complete autonomy, and it is one of the robotic integrations with the Leica BLK ARC. Using the BLK ARC, ANYmal maps new facility areas and creates detailed 3D models during regular scanning – completely on its own. The BLK ARC deeply integrates with the robot operating interface and generates a high-precision digital twin or inventory model instantly.

BLK ARC on an ANYmal robot, standing in front of a white background


W.R. Grace used ANYmal with the BLK ARC to assist with transitions in its Düren Chemical plant in Germany from unplanned to scheduled maintenance. This was a critical contribution to a strategic project; the plant runs 24/7 which means the plant needs maximum uptime and doesn’t allow for structural changes. But ANYmal’s autonomous scans and inspections enabled early detection of various anomalies and preventative maintenance.

As a result, the plant achieved a 1.5% increase in uptime – and scanning with the BLK ARC overall made the project seven times more cost efficient compared to outsourcing scanning tasks, which allows Grace to scan its facilities more quickly, frequently, and accurately.

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