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CDS Bausoftware AG provides support and consulting for optimum software. They have developed a plug-in for Allplan CAD software, which provides you with optimum support for the measurement of existing buildings, individual parts of buildings, or neighbouring buildings to provide a planning basis for a renovation or conversion.

Interview with Marc Vetsch of Vetsch Gebäudehüllen AG, Grabs/Switzerland

As a supplier of modern solutions for roofs and façades, Vetsch Gebäudehüllen AG in Grabs went for the laser distance meter Leica DISTO S910 and the Allplan CAD system. Read about Marc Vetsch's every day use and experience with the Leica DISTO S910 and Allplan.

Marc, you've been using Allplan for the last 4 months; what were your first impressions?

"Allplan is an extremely easy program to use. There are a lot of practical functions and tools which are suitable for the requirements of our sector and provide us with support for planning substructures and tiling arrangements."

What does the flow of a project normally involve?

"In most cases we are supplied with digital planning data by the architect. After importing the
architect's drawings into Allplan we draw the substructures and detailed plans etc. which form the basis for creation of our schedule of materials. Thanks to the reports in Allplan, this is done at the touch of a button. We subsequently use the schedule of materials for the ordering process on the supplier. Afterwards we prepare an on-site measurement of the building using the Leica DISTO, thus providing the architects with the control plan."

Marc Vetsch S910

As well as Allplan you also use the Leica DISTO laser distance meter. What was the reason behind this purchase?

We had been looking for a suitable laser distance meter for a considerable time. The major
advantage with the Leica DISTO is that all measurements such as lengths, areas or angles on the façades or roof can be taken directly from the ground without the need for a lift platform or scaffolding. Moreover the CAD interface for transferring measurements is a huge added value. Simple handling and the compact hard protective carrying case promote this practicability."

How big is the time saving?

"Thanks to the continuous operating cycles significant time can be saved during the planning phase. With the logical project management, all data for a project is kept together and is immediately
retrievable. Just as with training for sports, training the operation of a new program is important for ensuring that the CAD functions become second nature."

Thanks to the plug-in to the Allplan CAD solution, taking measurements is now extremely simple. The Leica DISTO S910 automatically establishes a WLAN connection to your notebook after starting the software. From this moment on, you control the DISTO directly from Allplan. The
limitation of 30 points per measurement is no longer applicable.

You define the orientation and retain direct control of individual measurement points and lines in the 3-D model. You can get accurate measurements of objects, which are out of reach without any risk. You neither climb ladders nor do you need scaffolding.

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Marc Vetsch

Project Manager Façades at Vetsch Gebäudehüllen AG

Marc Vetsch

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