DST 360 + TRI120

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Designed for Point-to-Point (P2P) measurements. 
When you use a DISTO X3 or X4 with the DST 360, your DISTO can combine rotation, angle, and distance data to produce highly accurate P2P measurements, which allows you to accurately measure distances between any two points from a third position. 

Take accurate 3D point measurements. 
Your DISTO X3 or X4 in combination with the DST 360 and the DISTO Plan App allow you to measure 3 dimensional points. X, Y and Z coordinates are recorded and can be exported into CAD. 

An intelligent adapter. 
Technologies used in the DST 360 adapter extend the measurement possibilities of your DISTO X3 or X4. Powered by your DISTO, the DST 360 exchanges measurement data with your X3 or X4. This allows for horizontal and vertical angle measurements. 

Ready for any job site. 
The DST 360 comes with a compact and sturdy TRI 120 tripod. Both are stored in a tough-as-nails case protected to IP67 standards (dust-tight and waterproof) with space for your DISTO X3 or X4. 

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