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Efficient Drywall Layouts With the Lino L4P1

By Elvir Malkoc


The construction segment is one of the biggest factors driving most economies. Therefore, we also need future innovation in other industries. Especially when we look at the increasing costs and time pressures during the last years. Consequently, more and more contractors are using plasterboard construction to build walls and partitions inside buildings. This saves a lot of time and money in comparison to the classic brick wall style. Following the transition to new materials, we also need innovation in the working process. One of the most important tasks before the installation of drywall begins is first determining the layout and the measurements on the work side.

In the following paragraphs I will provide you with some tips on how to increase efficiency in your next projects:

The Typical Layout Task:

You have a big room or hallway and you have to install new wall partitions or a cabinet set. At first you prepare all your tools and the construction plan. Typically you start installing the drywall tracks on the floor, the wall and the ceiling. But before you can start with fixing the tracks you have to measure your references and mark them on the floor and the wall. The next task is measuring square corners. In the past, construction workers often used the 3-4-5 Pythagoras rule to form a perfect corner. Afterwards, they would use chalk lines for marking straight lines on the floor. The next step is transferring the corner points from the bottom to the top. An old inefficient way to do this is to use a plumb bob to mark the corner points on the ceiling. In completion of this task, chalk line is used once again to mark your reference line to the ceiling and the concrete wall.

Get Efficient:

The method described above is a common way that works but to be honest, it is not really efficient. To save time and money Leica Geosystems invented the new Lino L4P1 multi line laser. With this device you are able to layout your walls and cabinets in the most efficient way ever. The Lino L4P1 is designed with three 180° vertical lasers and one horizontal 180° laser. The vertical front lasers are assembled in 90° to each other. This allows you to split the room into two, three or more partitions. You get a beam projection of two 90° right angles or a 180° straight line onto the floor, the wall and the ceiling. That mean’s that you no longer have to use any chalk lines to mark your reference lines to the surface. Just press the on button and start.

The integrated legs can be adjusted to the height. Therefore, you could position the Lino L4P1 directly to the edge of the track or to any other reference point.

The powerful vertical lasers are especially designed for the installation of wall partitions. With its 180° beam fan angle, the laser line can precisely be projected to the floor, the wall and the ceiling at the same time. That means that you can immediately start fixing your tracks once the Lino L4P1 is positioned to the reference points.

A very nice feature on the Lino L4P1 is its 360° aluminum rotation base and its precise fine adjustment knob. It is a special designed thread bar, which creates the finest positioning to your references without any slack points.

Another unique feature is the built-in plumb laser, which is also integrated in the base. With the help of the plumb laser and the crossing vertical lasers over the top of the device, you have a perfect replacement for the classic plumb bob. This allows the transferring of points from the floor to the ceiling to be possible within seconds with the Lino L4P1.

Continuous Operation:

With its red high power laser diodes, the Lino L4P1 is tested to extreme work side conditions. The device is dust and waterproof so that there is no fear in damaging the device under working conditions. The high power laser diodes are also designed for extra-long operation time. You could work continuously without shutting off the lasers. So in this case, continuous working combined with the powerful lasers should mean that the device is eating batteries!? Don’t worry. The Lino L4P1 is delivered with the newest Li-Ion power technology. One charge lasts more than 24h of continuous operating time. If you get into the situation where your device loses power, you have two more options to continue working with the Lino L4P1. Option one is to use the integrated battery tray and run it with alkaline batteries. Or, you can simply connect the laser to a plug socket through the integrated power supply.

More Applications:

If you build suspended ceilings, you could also benefit from the multi-functional use of the Lino L4P1. You can attach the device to different tripods and set the levelled line to the target reference height. In addition, it is also possible to attach the Lino L4P1 to the wall mount bracket. With this small bracket you could snap the Lino to any ceiling track and get your ceiling level.

This was a little introduction as to how you can increase your efficiency from a workers perspective. The Lino L4P1 is the all-in-one tool to save time and money. I like this tool very much because we developed it together with tradespeople for tradespeople. We all worked hard to make your life easier and offer a multifunctional solution for all layout and alignment tasks. Therefore, get the Lino L4P1 and start shaping the future.

If you have more work side challenges, which can be solved with the Lino L4P1, then please inform us as soon as possible.

Malkoc Elvir

Product Manager Lino