Leica ULTRA Standard Locator


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ULTRA Standard Locator

  • ULTRA Standard Locator
ULTRA Standard Locator


Leica DSX GPR front right qtr angle
19.415 USD

DSX Demo For underground utility avoidance, repair and maintenance tasks, the Leica DSX utility detection solution provides an easy to use GPR

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Increased Transmitter Power Output System Choices

Choose between 5W and 12W transmitter power outputs for superior tracing performance.

Unlock the power

Configure the Leica ULTRA for site specific applications. Custom build your receiver and transmitter.

Choose from over 100 pre selected frequencies, or customize your own frequency for highly specialized applications. 

Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM)

When working in congested environments, external interferences can affect the effectiveness of utility tracing. To guard against interference, the Leica ULTRA incorporates advanced Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM), which analyses the surrounding area for noise and recommends the best frequencies for accurate utility tracing.

Offset Measuring

There will always be an occasion when the utility runs close too, or underneath an obstruction. With Offset Measuring, the Leica ULTRA can locate the target line if not directly accessible from above. The function uses the available data to estimate the horizontal and vertical (depth) distance.

Transmitter to Receiver Link

Advanced communication link between the Leica ULTRA receiver and transmitter, enables you to control the transmitter directly from the receiver. Work smarter and at greater distances to help achieve best practice whilst reducing time spent walking to the transmitter.

ULTRA Standard Locator (Device Only) - Article number: 818699
ULTRA Utility Locating System 5 Watt - Article number: 6011143
ULTRA Utility Locating System 12 Watt - Article number: 6011142