InnoDraw Measuring & Automatic 3D Drawing Software

InnoDraw is a complete CAD software which together with Leica laser Distance Meters (LDMs) enables you to complete your measurements and create detailed 2D & 3D drawings at the site.

InnoDraw is the perfect solution for the Construction, Architecture, Real Estate, Property Management, Countertop & Backsplash fabrication, Home Improvement and Do-It-Yourself industries.

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InnoDraw software is available for a FREE 30-day trial!

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* Compatible with TOP CAD and design programs * Increases accuracy *

* Eliminates mistakes and extra drawing work at the office * Saves time and money *


Use a simple handheld or comprehensive  P2P DISTO LDM  to measure and automatically create 2D and 3D accurate, detailed drawings.

Your measurements will be wirelessly transferred from your Leica DISTO – directly into your drawings!

You can use BOTH: 3D P2P and handheld LDMs simultaneously for maximum efficiency and time saving.

Compatible Leica models: Leica DISTO D1, D110(E7100i), D2, D510(E7500i), X3, X4, DST 360, S910.

Discontinued compatible models: Leica DISTO Plus, A6, D3aBT(D330i), D8

InnoDraw software is multilingual and provides automatic conversion to the world’s TOP CAD programs’ formats!

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InnoDraw 3D measuring system – using 3D LDM

InnoDraw 3D measuring system – using hand-held LDM

InnoDraw Laser Based Countertop Templating