lindsay.walker mer, 01/22/2020

En réponse à par matt farthing (non vérifié)


Matt, The range varied per the site conditions and point density setting of the BLK, but on the whole I would try to place the scanner either 1) at every inflection point of the structure in question [i.e. an inside or outside corner, curve, level change, etc.] or 2) every 20'-30' [as in the example of a long run of wall]. I found that this gave enough overlap to make for a legible point cloud. I discovered that the range of the BLK is pretty astounding, however, as early as testing it in downtown Boston where I was scanning along the waterfront and the device picked up a few, loosely scattered points of skyscrapers across the reserve channel over 1000' away. Not overly useful, but impressive nonetheless!

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