3d disto mosque

Leica 3D Disto TruStorys from Turkey

By g.capitano


The high-precision Leica 3D Disto is used whenever the use of conventional measuring tools is only possible with a great deal of time and effort.In Turkey 5 projects, which couldn’t be more different from each other, were completed using the 3D Disto. In Balikesir the measurements of a mosque were taken using the vertical scanning tool.

3D Disto Mosque

The entrance to a substantial office building was enhanced by an attractive stone fountain.  

3D Disto Kitchen

In various private houses, kitchen work surfaces with recessed rear panels, chimney panelling or a pool border was first measured with the horizontal scanning tool before being immaculately clad in stone. 

"With the Leica 3D Disto, measurements are taken in a matter of minutes and the digital documents prevent mistakes or fitting problems. The 3D Disto didn't disappoint and competently mastered the complex measuring task," says Beythullah Filiz of Filiz Mermer.

3D Disto

The highly-precise data could be accurately processed in the office using the familiar CAD software and subsequently used for manufacturing. Fitting times were reduced to a minimum and the visual demands on the accuracy of fit of the elements were easily met.

Your customer is looking for a high-quality worktop and recess panels made of stone, exclusive wood, stainless steel or glass; materials that cannot be processed on site and that simply have to fit. Does this problem sound familiar? To this purpose, you have to make a sketch and note the measurements taken with a measuring tape, square and bevel. Afterwards a template is often made using complicated methods. This is checked once more at the installation site and modified as necessary. The positions for the water connections, power sockets and light switches are measured and marked on the templates. Only then is it possible to produce the final parts. During installation you discover that minor errors have accumulated during the many stages from measurement through to the final product, and during installation it is necessary to use your file, hammer and chisel to make sure that the final product fits.

3D Disto

Save time and money. With the Leica 3D Disto you make a competent and professional impression on your customers from the outset. With the various measurement functions you can record all spatial situations easily and precisely. In the simplest case you only measure the corner points. In complicat-ed rooms with uneven or skewed walls, you use the horizontal scanning tool. You define where the measurements start and at which intervals these should be made; the Leica 3D Disto does the rest – quickly and fully automatically. With the realistic data you can produce the final parts directly. The time-consuming template and modification work during installation is no longer necessary and the final results will also impress your customers.

3D Disto

Versatility meets efficiency. Reality on your computer with pinpoint precision.