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Contest Winner!

By jrowles


We're happy to announce Rob Aldecocea of Revolution Design and Build as our site review contest winner!

We received lots of great responses to our call for reviews of our website. It was a tough decision but Rob's review was right on point and prompted us to highlight the available options for displaying units of measure on the E7300. 

Rob wrote:

One thing that I missed was that the E7100i, that I bought, will only display imperial measurements in 1/32nds of an inch. The website says it is accurate to the 1/16th of an inch. It's only in the instruction manual that specifies the 1/32nd display. This unfortunately is more accuracy than I need for residential construction, so I can't use it and wasted $150 on it. I have since purchased an E7300 to suit my needs. It would be good if this detail could be clarified on the website.

Rob makes a good point, so we added the following to the E7300 page:

The average accuracy for a DISTO is 1/16th of an inch. Your mileage may vary -- the individual certificate that ships with each DISTO will tell you by how much -- but if you're banging out studs with a chop saw blade that has a 1/4" kerf, you probably don't need your DISTO showing measurements down to a 16th or a 32nd. The E7300 has 13 unit of measure display modes, from thousandths of a millimeter to a 1/4 of an inch, so you can dial in the level of accuracy you need for the job at hand.

The contest was originally to win an E7100i. Clearly, based on Rob's review, he doesn't need another E7100i. So, we gave Rob a store credit for the equivalent value. Rob used that credit to purchase a Lino L2+ cross line laser level.

Thanks Rob,

Leica Geosystems