Leica BLK360


How to update firmware (Download PDF: DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, JP)

Release Date



July 2020

This is the newest firmware update for the BLK360. (Download Release Notes)

  • New Linux operating system & new web interface
    The BLK360 firmware version 2.0.0 uses a new Linux operating system which supports a new web interface for the BLK360. All existing BLK360 functionality is supported and maintained in this new Linux OS.
  • Support of SSID handling inside the web interface
    The new web interface supports hiding the SSID in case users do not want to share or reveal the SSID. Users can also reset the SSID to default settings using the web interface. The appropriate settings are available on the web interface in the sub-menu “Advanced Settings”.
  • Dust/Dirt detection
    The BLK360 executes QA processes during the scan to be sure that the scan data only includes valid measurements, which afterwards can be processed by the according software or app. In case there are invalid measurements due to dust or dirt on the BLK360 mirror, the BLK360 will show an Error state, indicated by the yellow LED ring on the scanner. If the Cyclone FIELD 360 app is used to operate the scanner, an error message will appear within the Cyclone FIELD 360 app. The user can then clean the BLK360 mirror and resume normal scanning.
  • Battery capacity reading
    The battery capacity reading using the 1-wire battery interface sometimes showed inaccurate battery capacity information. This has been fixed and accurate battery capacity readings are shown in firmware v2.0.0.

November 2019

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Resolved all errors with image artifacts and patterns in BLK360 imagery. 

  • Database state detection upon bootup; will reset if needed to avoid bootup error.

  • All tilt measurements correctly averaged for scan-only captures of multiple setups.


August 2019

  • Battery status information not updated.

  • Scan data could be corrupted when captured with firmware v1.2.2


May 2019

  • Reduced scan data size.

  • Enhanced imaging processing.

  • Removal of rare pink mist in LDR and HDR images.

  • Improved brightness control for panoramic images.

  • Automatic update of the SD card to avoid corruption.

  • Extended Scan delay for push-button.

  • Scan only capture for push-button.


December 2018

  • Support of WLAN infrastructure access.

  • Support of additional settings to use the IR-Camera.

  • Support of scan only use-cases without image capturing. 

V 1.2.1