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The Future of Manufacturing Environments: How to Stay Ahead of the Game

Wednesday, February 15th - 3PM CET | 9AM EST​

Join our webinar to learn how you can automate inspections to improve efficiency in your organization.​

Hear more about how a global leader in Chemical Manufacturing, is automating their inspections by combining the capabilities of the ANYbotics’ ANYmal with Leica’s BLK ARC laser scanning module.

Hear more from the experts at ANYbotics, and Leica on how this integrated solution helped achieve a 1.5% increase in plant uptime – and 3D mapping with the BLK ARC that is 7x more cost efficient. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How autonomous mobile mapping technology can help rapidly capture site conditions
  • How to build a Smart Digital Reality with autonomous laser scanning technology
  • How to leverage the most complete reality capture software portfolio to deliver accurate results
  • How the BLK ARC seamlessly integrates with the autonomous ANYmal robot platform
  • How the digitalization of inspection increases facility availability

Leica BLK ARC on ANYmal robot


About the Speakers:

Fernando Garcia, Project Manager, ANYbotics

Paul Burrows, Principal Software Solutions Mgr, Leica Geosystems

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ANYmal from ANYbotics, a robot combined with the Leica BLK ARC, played a huge role in accomplishing autonomous execution of inspection in a Chemical Manufacturing plant during a strategic plant transition. This achieved a 1.5% increase in plant uptime – and 3D mapping with the BLK ARC that is seven times more cost efficient.

Using the BLK ARC, ANYmal maps new facility areas and creates detailed 3D models during regular patrolling. The scanner deeply integrates with the robot operating interface and generates a high-precision digital twin or inventory model instantly, which allows the customer to scan facilities more frequently, accurately, and quickly. 

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