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BLK Showroom

BLK Autonomous Reality Capture. Handheld. Airborne. Robotic.

The future is autonomy. Autonomy is Leica BLK. This webinar explores the capabilities, real-world applications, and benefits of our BLK autonomy sensors.

Liberate your workflows. Free the human.


Leica BLK2FLY, Leica BLK2GO, and Leica BLK ARC

During the webinar, we will introduce you to workflows, use cases, and real-life examples for the following:

  • Leica BLK2GO – handheld imaging laser scanner
  • Leica BLK2FLY – the world’s first autonomous flying laser scanner
  • Leica BLK ARC – autonomous laser scanning module for autonomous mobile robots

Meet our speakers:

Paul Burrows

Paul Burrows
Solution Manager - Reality Capture
Leica Geosystems

Matthew Bester

Matthew Bester
Business Development Manager - BLK Autonomy
Leica Geosystems

Bryan Baker

Bryan Baker
Sales Manager - BLK Autonomy
Leica Geosystems

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