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Capture site conditions and field data with ease. Simply take a photo of buildings, structures, or objects you need to measure with the BLK3D.
  • The BLK3D combines traditional methods of documenting site conditions into a digital, simple-to-use device that’s faster, easier, more collaborative, and much more detailed than traditional measuring and field data documentation.
  • Get all the measurements you need by simply taking a photo of buildings, structures, or objects you need to measure with the BLK3D.
  • Share images that contain 3D measurements and dimensions to anyone on your team straight from the BLK3D or your computer.
    BLK3D interface

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How the BLK3D Works

  • Take a photo of what you need to measure with the BLK3D’s calibrated offset stereo cameras.
  • The dimensional information and text annotations are captured directly within the image and you can view and share the image and data right away.
  • The meta data included in every BLK3D image is automatically archived in a PDF report and includes the exact GPS location, address, date and time of capture.
  • The BLK3D runs Android OS and can connect to numerous industry apps.
  • You can also control a Leica laser scanner and add images and annotations to scans by using the Cyclone FIELD 360 app on-board the BLK3D.
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I do serious stone façade preservation for historic buildings in New York City, and the BLK3D lets me sleep at night because I have millions of dollars invested in these projects. Why? I know the measurements are right. Before the BLK3D, this measurement process took three weeks and I wouldn’t sleep from being so busy. Now I can take a picture and send measurements from the BLK3D directly to my CAD guy and he has it in my inbox the very next day so we can get to work.

Jim McMahon President , Structural Stone Concepts

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