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Announcing the BLK3D Mobile and Desktop Software Update Version 1.2

By christopher.dollard


We are pleased to release the new BLK3D Mobile and Desktop software version 1.2, which includes many new and exciting updates that will improve workflows and efficiency, expand documentation capabilities, and allow for simple and fast recalibration of the device by the user. Here are the most important features. 

Import PDF plans, JPG images, and link 3D images to specific locations 

This release changes how photo documentation is done today. Now, you can import PDF plans and JPG images and link 3D images directly to a specific location in the plan or image. This also allows for easy and straightforward 3D image recall, as well as improved workflows for on-site inspection and validation. 

Improved 3D image performance handling 

The performance of handling 3D images is significantly improved by dramatically decreasing the loading time, which increases efficiency. Pre-processing 3D images makes it possible to open them quickly and start working on them right away. 

Check & Adjust Function 

The new Check & Adjust function allows you to check the accuracy of the BLK3D stereo camera yourself. All you have to do is mount the BLK3D on a tripod, take a picture of the BLK3D calibration target plate, and calibrate the BLK3D’s accuracy with a simple workflow. This eliminates the need to send the BLK3D to a service center for recalibration—for example, after a drop. 


This update is automatic. The new versions of the BLK3D Mobile and Desktop software are available as an “over the air” update via WiFi. Just connect your BLK3D or computer to the internet to receive an update notification and simply download it. New users can download the latest BLK3D desktop software in Leica myWorld. 

For more detailed information on the update, please click here to download a PDF with detailed instructions and guidance for the new features.