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Announcing BLK247, a real-time reality capture sensor for security and operations

By christopher.dollard


The Leica BLK247 joins the BLK2GO as the newest additions to the BLK series of reality capture products from Leica Geosystems, as announced by Juergen Dold and Burkhard Boeckem during the 2019 HxGN Live conference in Las Vegas. The BLK247 is truly a first-of-its-kind reality capture sensor—it offers continuous, 24/7 LiDAR-based 3D monitoring and change detection within spaces. 


Powered by a sole CAT-5 Ethernet cable, the BLK247 uses sensor fusion technology—a combination of LiDAR, imaging, and edge computing—to monitor and report 3D changes within a space, which means that specific changes, even in a busy environment (e.g. a forgotten suitcase in an airport terminal), will be detected and reported immediately to the appropriate staff.  

The BLK247 can also establish 3D digital fences around spaces and objects—for example, priceless works of art in a museum—to detect any intrusion or unauthorized access. And it can mount 1-to-1 into a legacy backend security or surveillance system.

Leica BLK247



We imagine that the applications for the BLK247 will range from practical uses—security, surveillance, and building operations—to the creative and beyond. Real-time LiDAR-based change detection enables users to monitor physical movements and positioning independently of GPS, for example, which could be used in assembly and production in factories, managing inventory in warehouses, or positioning set pieces and props on a sound stage.

And given the success of the BLK360 and the wonderful creative applications that came from that technology, we anticipate that the BLK247 will also lead to exciting new uses and applications. You can learn more and sign up for product updates here, and we look forward to seeing what our customers can do with the BLK247.

BLK247 in museum


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