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BLK247 Wins Big with the SIA 2020 Best New Product Award


The Leica BLK247 is the first and only security sensor of its kind—a fusion of LiDAR, video, and thermal imagery coupled with intelligent algorithms and 3D digital fencing for extremely accurate real-time surveillance and security applications. And it won top honors with the Security Industry Association (SIA) Best New Product Award at the virtual ISC West conference!

ISC west award logo for BLK247

The judges of this year’s competition didn’t hold back when describing exactly why the BLK247 won this year’s award:

Leica is a recognized leader in the areas of geospatial capture, measurement, and analysis. They have brought their expertise in these areas together to solve problems faced with traditional 2D image analysis in the security industry. The product combines multiple sensors and multiple sensor technologies . . . to provide a previously unavailable set of operands to a powerful edge computing platform.

The judges also recognized the BLK247’s capacity for changing how security professionals create and implement security systems for their clients. The BLK247’s abilities are “capable of significantly reducing device counts . . . the product undeniably provides a truly new approach versus conventional security devices/infrastructure.”

We’re proud that we can contribute a truly new security sensor that can provide high degrees of real-time awareness and analysis in three dimensions, and we look forward to seeing how the device performs with security professionals and the clients they serve.


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