BLK360 CAD Elite

Leica BLK360 CAD Elite Subscription Package

BLK360 | Cyclone REGISTER 360 | CloudWorx Ultimate | JetStream Enterprise

The Ultimate CAD Solution

Leica Geosystem's total solution combining processing and data management solutions with the ability to rapidly and easily visualize your data in all popular CAD systems.


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BLK360 Subscription

Built-in QA tools such as TruSlicer view (pictured) and visual link inspection give you total control over your project in a highly visual way. TruSlicer speeds the process of best-practice validation through visual checks.

BLK360 CAD Elite

Model data and raw point cloud data can be combined via Leica Geosystems' suite of CloudWorx products to detect clashes between designs and as-built conditions. With Leica JetStream, point clouds render instantaneously so you can visualize and work your projects faster and more completely. 

The Perfect Solution for Heavy CAD Users

A total solution for users spanning many CAD systems. Create and prepare digital reality data for use in all major CAD systems with the BLK360 and Cyclone REGISTER 360 then instantly publish to JetStream Enterprise and work within all your major CAD systems seamlessly with CloudWorx Ultimate. Harness the power of CloudWorx Ultimate with no special downloads required, simply activate your license and begin working with your point cloud data in your existing plugins for AutoCAD, Revit, MicroStation, PDMS and Navisworks with unparalleled speed thanks to Leica JetStream technology.

Unparalleled Speed of Delivery

Cyclone REGISTER 360 delivers up to 20x import speed gains and new auto-registration algorithms to give your projects a jump start. Work seamlessly across all CAD systems saving tedious export/import time with CloudWorx Ultimate and navigate all your data instantly with Leica JetStream technology.

Scale: Unlimited

Unlimited in every sense. Handle projects and point clouds of any size with JetStream, across all supported CAD systems to create deliverables more simply and deliver projects more efficiently to clients and stakeholders. CloudWorx Ultimate lets you meet the demands of all your clients with a single, simple license.

Simplicity from End-to-End

One-button scanning with the BLK360 is complemented by simple import and guided workflows in Cyclone REGISTER 360. Easily batch publish to your JetStream Enterprise data server to access all your points all the time in the CloudWorx plugin of your choice, the free JetStream Viewer or push data downstream to other applications. Easily communicate your results globally with localized solutions.

Leica CloudWorx

With the QuickSlice tool in CloudWorx you can take a slice through your data with a single click and then use the Auto-fit Polyline tool to rapidly extract line work for plans and designs. 

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 – Working with Leica BLK360

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 provides the perfect companion to the Leica BLK360 imaging laser scanner. Connect with the click of a button and take advantage of Cyclone REGISTER 360’s full suite of powerful tools to get the most out of your BLK360.

Leica BLK360 CAD Elite Subscription Package includes:
  • Leica BLK360
  • Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 1 year subscription
  • Leica JetStream Enterprise 1 year subscription
  • Leica JetStream Connector 1 year subscription
  • Leica Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER 1 year subscription
  • Leica CloudWorx Ultimate 1 year subscription
  • Autodesk ReCap Pro 1 year subscription