Leica BLK360 Collaboration

Leica BLK360 Collaboration Subscription Package
BLK360 | Cyclone REGISTER 360 | TruView Cloud

The Total Collaboration Solution

Process your data then share it with colleagues and clients from anywhere in the world on any device with Leica Geosystems' premiere Cloud Solution. 


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Collaborate Effectively and Efficiently

Make big projects a team effort with the Collaboration Subscription. With the BLK360, Cyclone REGISTER 360, and TruView Cloud, your team can instantly sync and collaborate from anywhere with an internet connection. The BLK360’s one-button scanning lets your field team capture data faster than ever before, then push data directly to Cyclone REGISTER 360 via the BLK360s built-in WiFi to check your results. With just one click, publish your project to TruView Cloud to share with clients and contractors.

Subscription pricing lets you budget concretely for projects and keep costs down to deliver maximum ROI to your clients.

Speed from Field to Finished

Capture digital reality data in just a few minutes to massively reduce field time with the BLK360. With import and improved auto-registration algorithms in Cyclone REGISTER 360, reduce in-office processing time. Batch export to TruView Cloud, .e57 and a professional registration report all at once for efficient data sharing and collaboration efforts.


Truview Cloud iPad Screen

TruView Cloud allows you to collaborate with contractors and colleagues by visualizing both point cloud and modeled data in a single view. Quickly identify clashes between modeled designs and as-built conditions.

Intergraph Truview

Support for multiple sitemaps from Cyclone REGISTER360 allows you to visualize data spanning multiple floors or elevations intuitively in your TruView Cloud account.

Truview Cloud

TruView Cloud has robust administrative features that let you manage users on an individual basis, manage your project portals and track your subscription usage. 


Scale for Teams of Any Size

TruView Cloud scales instantly and infinitely to meet your needs. The Collaboration subscription starts with a base of 500 scan positions which can be increased at any time, by any quantity. Unlimited users and portals let you manage all your projects and assign unique user permissions so you never have to worry about who does or does not have access to your secure data.

Simplicity from End-to-End

From scanning to registration, most steps have been optimized into a single-button push to reduce headache and deliver unparalleled simplicity. TruView Cloud makes collaboration second nature –simply enter your credentials in Cyclone REGISTER 360 and publish to the cloud.  TruView Cloud is the perfect tool to share measurements and markups or visualize progress, even for users with no 3D experience—just point and click to unlock rich information.

The BLK360 Collaboration Subscription Package includes:
  • Leica BLK360
  • Cyclone REGISTER 360 1 year subscription
  • TruView Cloud 1 year subscription (250 scan positions)
  • TruView Cloud 250 scan position add on
  • Autodesk ReCap Pro 1 year subscription


Truview Cloud

TruView Cloud is browser and device agnostic so any member of your team can access your TruView account anywhere in the world from their desktop, tablet or even their phone. TruView Cloud is the perfect solution for teams on the go and syncs your markups and uploads instantaneously. 



Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 – Multiple Output Formats

Publish to Leica JetStream, Leica TruView, and more with the click of one button. Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 allows you to create multiple output formats at once via batch publishing to save you time and effort in creating your project deliverables.