DISTO Technology

Leica DISTO Technology

Create as-built documentation, calculate roof dimensions, integrate data into BIM or CAD - calculate the measurements of any distance between two points from one location.


Outdoor lighting conditions and long distances can limit laser visibility. The digital Pointfinder with its 4 × zoom overcomes this issue and makes tricky outdoor measurements an easy task.

D810 Touch




Construction site proof

As a minimum, all DISTOs are construction site proof. This means they are protected against dust and splash water to IP54 standards and survive drops of up to 1.2 meters.


Construction site and water proof

The DISTO D510 achieves an IP65 rating and survives drops of up to 1.2 meters. This makes the DISTO D510 suitable for every day construction site tasks.

DISTO X3 and X4 IP 65

Ultra rugged

The DISTO X-series is ultra-rugged. These DISTOs achieve an IP65 rating, are protected by solid rubber and survive drops of up to 2 meters.


Point-to-Point Measurement

This innovative technology allows you to measure the distance between any two points from one position quickly and easily



The DISTO X-Series in combination with the DISTO Plan app increase efficiency. New technologies allow the devices to keep a record of distance measurements and the angle between any two of those measurements at the same time. The app then transforms that information into accurate floor plans on your tablet or smartphone.




indirect laser

Smart horizontal

The combination of distance and tilt measurements allows for quick and precise horizontal measurements. This function makes it possible to measure horizontal distances even if objects block the measurement target.

DISTO D510 Height Tracking

Height tracking

Use the height-tracking functionality to determine the height of objects without suitable target reflectivity. This, for example, allows you to easily determine the height of trees.

DISTO D810 Touch

Sloped objects

When positioned at a 90 degree angle infront of an object, this function allows you to determine the distance, height difference and angle between two points. These points need to be located in one line.


ISO Certified Quality - Assured reliability

The range and accuracy of all Leica DISTO devices are checked in accordance with ISO 16331-1. As a result, you can be sure that the performance of the instrument is maintained not only in the test laboratory but even more importantly on everyday site tasks.




DISTO D810 Touch FTA 360

Measure in picture

Take a measurement with the Pointfinder camera at the right angle to an object. This information then allows you to determine an object's width, height, surface area or even its diameter within the picture. 


Height profile

Selected DISTOs allow, in combination with tripod and adapter, for landscape elevation measurements or determining different heights of a building. One reference measurement is sufficient to relate all subsequent measurements to this initial one. 

DISTO X3 Painter Function

Painter function

The 'Painter Function' makes it possible to determine a room's wall surface area by simply taking distance and height measurements.

DISTO X3 Intelligent Endpiece

Intelligent end-piece

The intelligent end-piece enables accurate corner measurements due to an integrated sensor. If unfolded, the additional distance is automatically taken into account when measuring.

Disto X3 with Plan App


Integrated Bluetooth® Smart technology enables measurement results to be transferred wirelessly to a computer or mobile device. This eliminates potentially expensive transcribing errors and streamlines the workflow.

DISTO D810 Touch UI

Personalized UI 

Create individual shortcuts on your DISTO to personalize your experience and quickly access your most frequently used functions. Simply assign those functions to two physical buttons on your distance meter.