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Solatech simplifies and streamlines the sales and fabrication of window coverings.

Since 1992 the window fashions industry has been our sole focus; we combine decades of industry experience with deep expertise in applied technology, to offer powerful and practical software solutions that help window fashions professionals increase the efficiency and profitability of their businesses.


The window fashions industry is design-focused and complex. Countless product configurations present challenges to sales professionals and fabricators alike. Profitability places a premium on speed and accuracy. Solatech addresses these demands, from sales to manufacturing to delivery, by:

  • optimizing workflow for sales professionals, removing unnecessary or repetitive tasks
  • integrating product information, configuration data and pricing into one application
  • facilitating the transfer of orders directly to fabricators, to improve accuracy
  • supporting fabricators’ workflows, and delivering tools to improve speed and accuracy

Solatech is the only window fashions solutions provider to solve the challenges that directly impact profitability.