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ETemplate Measure Manager™

ETemplate Measure Manager™ is a comprehensive 2D and 3D software system for the X4, S910, and 3D Disto. Measure Manager collects 3D measurements from the X4, S910, and 3D Disto in real time and creates CAD geometry as you measure, or verifies 3D measurements to the original 3D CAD model. Colors, layers, notes, geometry creation and editing, dimensioning and more are all part of the system.

ETemplate Measure Manager
Some applications for 2D include;

countertops shower glass panels
curved walls
shower walls
single wall elevations
contours for boat decking
floor plans
curved soffit profiles

Some applications for 3D include;

Architectural Millwork
Kitchen/Bath layout & remodeling
Plane Analysis*
3D Inspection*
Curved/Helical Stairs
Boat Interiors/Exteriors

*System can determine level of floor, plumb of wall, flatness of odd angle plane. Can align machine to imported 3D CAD model and verify as-built to CAD.



ELaser 3D Cabinet Vision Integration

Through the Lens of ELaser Pro 2D Countertop Templating