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Leica Geosystems: Steady Height Reference

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Lino L2 Lomar Case

Once turned on, the Leica Lino L2+ is ready to use.

Laser technology has changed the way leveling is done: thanks to the clear and consistent red laser beam on the walls, site workers can always count on a reliable and steady height reference.

Lino L2 Lomar Case 2

A state-of –the-art screed is guaranteed by the perfect integration between the laser projector and the levelling robot.

Leica Lino L2+,  is a self-leveling, cross line laser, with a dual fan angle of 180° and a range of up to 15m, depending on lighting conditions. 

Lino L2 Lamar Case 3

Self-levelling mode: Minor angular misalignments of ± 4° are compensated automatically.

In the self-leveling mode, Leica Lino L2+ lets you know whether your vertical or horizontal lines are out of level, by blinking. Once levelled, the line goes solid. This way, you can always count on the laser information that comes from this instrument.

"Leica Geosystems mission is to design and distribute accurate and reliable measuring solutions with the highest quality performance in the market. Professionals in a diverse mix of industries, trust Leica Geosystems  for its value: the seamless integration between Leica Lino L2+ and Lomar screeding robot LOM110, is a further confirmation of Leica Geosystems high quality (certified UNI EN ISO9001:2008)" says Andrea Gallazzi, Head DISTO™ Channel EMEA Leica Geosytsems.

Andrea Gallazzi

 Andrea Gallazi

Head DISTO™ Channel EMEA Leica Geosytsems

Lomar, leader in innovative machines for levelling cement floors, chooses Leica Gesoystems as its partner for laser technology. Among all of the products researched, Lomar selected Leica for passing their rigorous testing.

"We need a reliable brand that guarantees the best quality and is available everywhere, as our ambition is to sell our solution all over the world.Moreover, we are proud to announce that  the University of Cambridge employs  LOM110 and Leica Lino L2+ in their classes as a practical application of robotic  technology"says Silvio Deda, owner of Lomar

Silvio Deda

Silvio Deda

Lomar Owner

Lino L2 Lamar Case 4

Lomar leveling robot LOM110, guided by Leica Line Laser Lino L2+.

Lomar’s leveling robot LOM110, guided by Leica Line Laser Lino L2+, eliminates manual screeding, passing from room to room, creating perfectly levelled floors while monitoring the level reference more than 500 times per second.

Lino L2 Lamar Case 5

Lock function: switch off the self levelling mode to project the laser line at any angle and to protect the instrument during transport.

"The speed of the robot demands a uniform laser projection and a steady powerful beam across the working surface; after performing extensive research, we determined that Leica Lino L2+ has the best reliability and the most consistent powerful beam on all 180°. Moreover, when the battery power is low, the laser beam will be consistent until it shuts off – the beam quality does not degrade. So the information you get is always accurate as the laser is either visible or off completely."  adds Mr. Deda.

Therefore, the seamless integration between the two technologies is the basis for a perfect and safe leveling, in any site.

Leica Lino L2+ Highlights:

  • Laser beam with a dual fan angle of 180°
  • Automatically compensates for minor angular misalignments over a range of ± 4°.
  • Transfers reference points from one wall to the next
  • Pulse  function to locate the laser lines using a laser detector, even in very bright lighting conditions.
  • Lock function to manually switch off the self-levelling features and project laser line at any angle; also also serves as transport protection