Leica Geosystems BLK ARC Wins CES 2022 Best of Innovation Award for Robotics

Leica BLK product line celebrates fifth appearance since 2017 for Digital Imaging...

Room in the Winthrop J. Rockefeller Cancer Institute

BLK2GO and Cromwell Speeds Up Construction for Patient Care Facilities at UAMS Medical Center

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, construction professionals who work...

Leica BLK2FLY and BLK ARC in front of a black and white building

Get to Know the Leica BLK2FLY and Leica BLK ARC

Q&A with BLK Autonomy Experts

Zibber employee holding a BLK2GO

Zibber and BLK2GO Accurately Measure and Visualize Homes to Meet Real Estate Industry Regulations

As surveying and reality capture technology progresses at a rapid pace, so...

3D point cloud data from BLK2GO

BLK2GO for Facility and Property Management: Hospitals and College Dorms with Natisoft

Facility and property management is a complicated profession that covers a huge...

Man in a suit viewing Intergeo Digital 2020 on a laptop

HxDR at INTERGEO 2020: What’s New with Hexagon Digital Reality

INTERGEO is the world's leading expo and conference platform for geoinformation, geodata...

Woman holding a BLK2GO device

Pupil and BLK2GO Raise the Standard for Accurate Valuations of Real Estate

The mission: to transform global real estate, using industry-defining technology to document...

Alden employee measuring witht he BLK3D

Alden Systems and BLK3D Take on the Challenges of 5G Rollout

If you work in the utility industry, you’re probably busy with the...

Lake Bill Tosolini Productions

A Seattle Memory Told through VR by Tosolini Productions, the BLK360, and Unity Engine

Business storytelling is a big part of promoting your company and encouraging...

BLK247 product image over application image

BLK247 Wins Big with the SIA 2020 Best New Product Award

The Leica BLK247 is the first and only security sensor of its...